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Producer:ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing
Coverage1861 to the present for dissertations
1962 to the present for masters theses
File Size:More than 3.3 million citations (08/2018)
File Type: Bibliographic
Content:All subject areas
Language: English

DISSABS (DISSertation ABStracts) is a bibliographic database from ProQuest Information and Learning that contains the definitive guide to subject, title, and author for every dissertation granted at accredited North American universities since 1861. Selected masters theses from 1962 and dissertations from other institutions worldwide are included in the database. Citations contain bibliographic information, broad subject indexing, and abstracts. Abstracts are included for records beginning with Dissertation Abstracts International, July, 1980, Volume 41, Number 1 and with Masters Abstracts International, Spring, 1988, Volume 26, Number 1.


ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing
789 E. Eisenhower Parkway, P O Box 1346
Ann Arbor, MI 48106, USA
Phone: (+1) 734-761-4700
Fax: (+1)734-761-9836
E-mail: disspub(at)proquest(dot)com

Usage Terms

The following use and distribution restrictions apply to your use of the DISSABS File on STN. All copyrights are reserved.

Unless specified otherwise in these RESTRICTIONS, CUSTOMER may use copyrighted search results in the following ways:

  1. in copyrighted scientific publications when search results are incidental to the publication and
  2. in reports to a Government Agency that are required by law or by administrative rule.

Search results delivered to CUSTOMER in computer-readable form remain the property of the Database Producer.

Unless specified otherwise in these RESTRICTIONS, Recipient may use search results in computer-readable form for the following purposes:

  1. editing or changing the format of search results to create search terms for use with search files or systems;
  2. combining search results with output from other searches, files, or systems to create a consolidated file of search results;
  3. editing the search results to remove irrelevant answers or to change the format of such results.

Recipient shall not use computer-readable search results as a database or part of a database from which hits are selectively retrieved by programmed search, unless Recipient has purchased the right to store search results using the ARCHIVE command or keyword.
Recipient may create one printed copy of search results from a computer-readable file of search results at no additional charge.
Recipient must destroy the computer-readable search results upon creation of the printed version, unless Recipient has purchased the right to archive records with the ARCHIVE command or keyword.
Recipient may purchase the right to redistribute search results to additional users using the REDISTRIBUTE command or keyword.

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  • use any records or data to create a derivative work except for a compilation or electronically stored data for internal use only, and,
  • electronically store in machine-readable form for longer than ten (10) days records or data retrieved for internal redistriburion under the Keep & Share service (non-archival storage).

The DISSABS File is supplied by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All of the information contained in the Databases supplied by ProQuest Information and Learning Company is the copyright product of ProQuest Information and Learning Company and/or their suppliers.