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May 2018

STN(R) Reflects Second Update to Emtree(R) Thesaurus for 2018

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 Summary Sheet



Questel, France


1877 to the present

File Size:

Comprehensive 1879 to present, first document from 1877
More than 6.3 million family records with more than 7.5 million publications
More than 1.9 million front page images from 1970 to present (09/2018)



File Type:

Full text


German patent applications, granted patents and utility models in science and technology


German, English

STN Easy:


DEFULL covers the full text of published patent applications, granted patents and utility models in Germany (DE). The records of the database contain bibliographic data including patent applicant, inventor, and patent applicant number, application, priority, and related application data, IPC and CPC classification codes, abstract and the full text of descriptions and claims. Records are available about ten days after publication date with the complete content. Titles, Abstracts, Descriptions and Claims are available in German and machine translated to English. Each database record contains all documents published for one application, displayed in order of appearance. Numeric values of 55 physical and chemical properties (/PHP) in about 1800 unit variants are searchable in all full text fields. Online thesauri for the International Patent Classification (/IPC) and Cooperative Patent Classification (/CPC). Additionally, legal status data, patent and non-patent citations, and family display formats from the INPADOCDB database are available. Automatic current awareness searches (SDIs) may be run weekly (default) or monthly. Some of the full text has been created by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. Therefore, characters may be misinterpreted, or portions of the text may be incomplete.
At release date the application years 2004 onwards are available. The remaining years will be loaded continuously backwards. The file entry banner will inform about the lowest application year loaded.


4, rue des Colonnes
75002 Paris
Phone: +8000-783-7835 (Europe), +800-456-7248 (North America, Pacific)
E-mail: help(at)questel(dot)com
Copyright Holder


FIZ Karlsruhe
P.O. Box 2465
76012 Karlsruhe
Phone: +49 7247 808-555
Fax: +49 7247 808-259
E-mail: helpdesk(at)fiz-karlsruhe(dot)de

Usage Terms

The following database producer's special conditions for use of his database(s) apply to your use of the DEFULL file on STN.

I. General Part

1. Scope
Section 2 to 4 of these conditions apply to all databases offered via STN Karlsruhe as far as no differing regulations are specified under II. Special Part.

2. Customers
A customer is an individual or an institution (i.e. a legal body such as a university, public authority, company) for whom online access has been ordered.

3. Search Results
All rights are reserved. Search results delivered online or offline are only for internal (own) use of the customer.
No written permission of the database producer is required if search results delivered to the customer in computer-readable form are used only for internal purposes of the customer, i.e. printed, processed, modified, or linked with other data (e.g. for creating a database).
The customer must observe the copyright of the database producer.

Enter HELP SHARETERMS for detailed information on the STN Information Keep & Share Program, which allows Recipients to purchase the right to archive and / or redistribute search results from STN databases for internal re-use. Or, visit the STN Information Keep & Share Program for detailed information

Results from searches carried out by the customer on request, or on behalf of individuals or institutions (see under 2.) outside his own institution (third parties) may only be given to them for explicit internal use.
The transmitted search results must include the database producer's copyright.
For safety purposes, the customer may keep a copy of the results obtained from a search carried out for third parties.
The customer must obtain database producer's specific written permission for any further uses of search results obtained for third parties, particularly for the transmission of search results in electronic form or their distribution in hardcopy, e.g. sale, loan, license, or free charge.
The customer must do his/her best efforts in preventing a theft or inadvertent illicit dissemination of the records.

4. Warranty and Liability
The database producers shall use their best efforts to deliver correct information in their databases, however, they do not accept warrenty and liability for completeness, accuracy and timeliness unless set out differently in II. Special Part.