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March 2020

STN Database Updates continue as usual

March 2020

European Patent Office warns about possible delays in data delivery due to the Corona Crisis

March 2020

First 2020 Update to Emtree Now Available on STN(R)

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INPAFAMDB – add the missing piece to your patent prior-art search on STN

INPAFAMDB – the International Patent Family Database – is a bibliographic patent family database, covering the full spectrum of patent technologies for 95 issuing authorities, dating from the early 1800s. The database features a one-record-per-patent-family file design to provide maximum multi-file prior-art synergy with CAplusSM and the Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) on STN®.

Easy access to accurate patent families

  • Quickly find a comprehensive patent family, from just a single patent number
  • Benefit from more accurate Patent Families, via FIZ Karlsruhe’s Quality Control and editorial corrections

Simplified Legal Status searching

  • Determine whether a patent is still active around the world, via FIZ Karlsruhe’s convenient Legal Status Categories (LSC2)

Comprehensive citation searching

  • Enhance your prior-art patent search with the definitive INPAFAMDB collection of global cited patents and cited references

Streamlined Alerts (SDIs)

  • Set up straightforward family and legal status Alerts using a single patent number
  • Obtain only what you need via extensive and readily customizable update and display options

INPAFAMDB for prior-art technology searching

  • Access the full spectrum of global technologies from patents including chemistry, life-science and engineering
  • Comprehensive text searching of applicant titles and abstracts for 95 patent authorities, dating back to the 1800s
  • The complete and up-to-date archive of all European ECLA and International IPC patent classifications, providing for optimum recall and precision
  • One-record-per-patent-family file design provides maximum multi-file prior-art search synergy with DWPI and CAplus

INPAFAMDB for inventor and assignee searching

  • Standardized inventor and patent assignee searching for 95 patent authorities, dating back to the early 1800s
  • Seamless search options which incorporate vital corrections and reassignments from the latest INPADOC Legal Status data

A sample record explained
User Documentation on the International Patent Family Database
Lists of the patent kind codes and priority kind codes available in INPADOC
Priority application information type