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FIZ AutoDoc News

May 2017

BSB offers document deliveries in PDF to German customers

March 2017

Einladung zur Veranstaltung ‚Urheberrecht im digitalen Zeitalter‘ – FIZ Karlsruhe und RightsDirect (10. Mai 2017)

January 2017

Translations of Asian patent documents

December 2016

FIZ AutoDoc Prices 2017

August 2016

New Service: DRM-free delivery from CCC for license holders

August 2016

New Service: Patent Translations as a new FIZ AutoDoc Service – starting September 1, 2016

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Welcome to FIZ AutoDoc - Our Document Delivery Service!

“On demand and just in time”: FIZ AutoDoc is a fast, convenient solution for automatic full text delivery. Our offer ranges from journal articles to conference proceedings to patent documents and other full texts.

FIZ AutoDoc is oriented towards the requirements of researchers and part of the international information infrastructure. Therefore, we want to offer our customers the easiest and quickest access to documents possible. With the information cycles becoming shorter, especially companies doing a lot of research need relevant scientific articles immediately.

Large choice – fast and always copyright-compliant

In order to offer you a large choice of quality documents from various scientific disciplines, FIZ AutoDoc partners with international publishers (Elsevier, Springer, ACS, Wiley and others) and national libraries like TIB or BSB. 

We can also procure documents from international providers, including Reprints-Desk, CCC (formerly Infotrieve) and the BLDSC. Your advantage: Using FIZ AutoDoc you can order and pay for documents from all these different sources through one central system.

Your requirements have top priority. To ensure that all delivered documents are copyright-compliant, FIZ AutoDoc only partners with enterprises and organizations that act in accordance with their national and international copyright laws.


You may use FIZ AutoDoc as a stand-alone web service, as part of the STN Full-Text Solution, or integrated in your corporate intranet or portal.

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