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New on STN

March 2017

A Fresh Look for the ADIS Databases on STN

March 2017

New Version of Dissertation Abstracts Database Launched on STN

February 2017

The 2017 version of MEDLINE now available on STN

Meet us at

China IP & Innovation Summit 2017,
20.-21.Apr, Shanghai

PIUG 2017 Annual Conference,
20.-25.May, Atlanta

PATINFO 2017, 31.-02.Jun, Ilmenau

STN User Meetings

Frankfurt, 25.04.2017
München, 17.05.2017
Essen, 23.05.2017

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Get Started with STN – STN Training for beginners

STN offers instructor-led and on-demand training resources for a great variety of STN databases and search tasks. These resources are available for both STN Classic
(e.g. STN Express®, STN® on the WebSM) and new STN.

New STN Platform

Public Workshops

To help you optimize your search techniques we offer public workshops on different topics for new STN.

What’s new on new STN?

Have a look at the features of the latest release of the new STN platform.

Part 1 - Orientation to new STN Bibliographic Searching
Part 2 - Orientation to new STN Substance and Structure Search

A two-part archived recording of a general "Orientation to new STN" is available for on demand viewing.

New STN Quick start Guide

Download the new STN platform QuickStart guide for easy reference while you are searching.

New STN in-product help

(You need a loginID and password  for new STN to view this section.)  Accessible on demand, Help provides search examples and key content details and is formatted for easy printing.

STN Classic

Public Workshops

To help you optimize your search techniques, we regularly offer workshops on various topics in different countries.

Recorded E-Seminars

FIZ Karlsruhe provides streaming and downloadable (.wmv) e-Seminars and database live searches free of charge for all interested persons. 

Archived E-Seminars

A list of archived e-Seminar presentations including PDF and videos, if available.

User Meetings

STN User Meetings and Patent Forums

Our regional User Meetings give you the opportunity to actively contribute to the further development of our services by discussing your requirements with our staff and other STN customers.

User documentation for STN Classsic

Basic STN Commands

View a list of basic STN commands for both novice and expert users.

Polymer Information on STN

This quick reference guide provides an overview of most STN databases containing polymer information and shows annotated search examples in some databases.

STN Index User Guide

STN Index is a cost-effective, easy-to-use way to determine which STN® databases contain the information you need.  

STN Database Summary Sheets

The STN summary sheets contain relevant information on all STN databases.

More information

STN Helpdesk

Experienced searchers and scientists from our help desk provide expert assistance free of charge.