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New on STN

November 2015

Change to PI field in CAplus records

November 2015

Derwent Markush Resource now available on the new STN platform!

September 2015

New Version of Emtree Introduces over 800 New Terms to Embase on Classic STN and New STN

STN User Meetings

Erfurt, 01.12.2015
Essen, 26.04.2016
Frankfurt, 11.05.2016


STN – the choice of patent experts

STN is an information service in the field of research and patent information worldwide renowned. It is highly valued by firms active in chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, as well as patent offices, lawyers and research institutions.

STN helps to find the business-critical information needed by your company for your own research and innovation processes. The information on STN is an indispensable resource for:

  • Protecting valuable company know-how, and
  • Avoiding patent disputes
  • Avoiding expensive duplicate research
  • Monitoring the patenting behavior of your competitors.

In order to protect your company’s internal know-how, to safeguard competitive advantages related to your patent portfolio, and to maintain the company’s innovative strength a professional search is absolutely essential.

The neutral platform STN provides a single point of access to the premium content of the relevant databases from the world’s most important publishers in the areas of patents, the natural sciences, and technology. On STN this content is combined with highly developed tools and functions for retrieval, analysis and visualization. STN’s search system is specifically engineered for scientific and patent content, allowing searches for text matches, chemical structures, and biosequences. Read more

Several interfaces with specialized features and content have been tailored to the needs of different user groups. Alternatively we offer the FIZ Search Service. In this case our experts perform searches on behalf of clients using STN databases and compile the results for presentation.

Subsequently to your search our integrated document delivery Service  FIZ AutoDoc provides you easy and fast access to full-text journal articles and patents.

Since 1984, STN International has been jointly operated and furthered by a close collaboration between FIZ Karlsruhe and CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service), based in Columbus, Ohio.

New STN Platform

The new STN platform is being designed and developed to turn the needs and priorities of today's patent experts into a state-of-the-art search and analysis system that works the way users do. The new STN platform is a significant step in the development of the next generation of STN.
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STN is revolutionizing patent searching for professionals. Catch a glimpse of exciting advancements on the horizon...

Featured Highlights

DWPIM - First-ever unified Markush solution delivers comprehensive access to generic chemical structures disclosed in patents

Chemical compounds can be disclosed in patents in two ways: as specific structures and as structures with generic descriptions. These so-called Markush structures may represent hundreds or thousands of individual chemical compounds. Markush structures are widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical patents to protect a class of compounds within a single invention. Therefore, the inclusion of Markush patent searching is decisive for assessing the patentability of a substance or substance class. IP professionals will need this to explore freedom to operate at various stages of the development and also to assess the value of a patent portfolio in the chemical and pharmaceutical field. Pharmaceutical companies in drug discovery use Markush patents for a strong protection of potential drugs. While Markush structures often make up the claims of a patent, specific compounds represent the preferred aspect of the invention.
The Derwent Markush Resource database DWPIM, newly implemented on STN, considerably facilitates chemical patent searching and enables customers to perform more comprehensive searches.

Together with the company InfoChem, Munich, we have developed a Markush search engine specifically designed for handling the data of the Derwent Markush Resources database and in line with the STN standards.
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New STN Global Value Pricing Empowers You to Maximize the Value of STN

STN Global Value Pricing delivers truly unlimited STN access at a fixed price, with predictable renewal costs. Built upon the successful STN Fixed Fee pricing program, Global Value Pricing incorporates customer feedback and recent market trends to empower users to maximize the value STN creates for their entire organization.
Key aspects of Global Value Pricing include:

  • unlimited usage of all STN content and features under a single fixed-price agreement
  • access through all STN interfaces, including new STN
  • unlimited number of users and sites globally
  • multi-year agreements with fixed annual increases renewal pricing based on standard annual price increase

STN Global Value pricing allows organizations of all sizes to improve budget predictability, simplify administration, and focus on finding answers rather than worrying about costs. Contact your local STN representative or your local STN Help Desk for more information.