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SEMANTiCS 2019 in Karlsruhe


SEMANTiCS is the leading European conference on Semantic Technologies and AI and is held for the first time in Karlsruhe, Germany. One of the organizers is FIZ Karlsruhe whose Vice President Information Service Engineering,  Prof. Sack, is Conference Chair and a member of the conference’s Permanent Advisory Board.

New on STN

May 2019

Second 2019 update to Emtree(TM) now available on STN(R)

April 2019

New legal status codes for US patent applications and granted patents in INPADOC

April 2019

Updates in database World Surface Coatings Abstracts (file WSCA) have resumed

Meet us at

Bund Deutscher Patentanwälte - Herbstseminar, 10.-11.Okt, Dresden
EPOPIC 2019 - EPO Patent Information Conference, 29.-30. Oct, Bukarest
IP-Service World, 25.-26. Nov, Munich

STN User Meetings

Amsterdam, 17.09.2019
Essen, 09.10.2019
Hamburg, 23.10.2019

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User Documentation - Complete List

2016 EPI Manual Codes – Coding Manual (Edition 18): Part 1 
2016 EPI Manual Codes – Coding Manual (Edition 18): Part 2 
2016 EPI Manual Codes – Coding Manual (Edition 18): Part 3 
Adding Value to INPADOC on STN, Quality Assurance by FIZ Karlsruhe Editorial (2016/06) 
ANALYZE and TABULATE for statistical analysis  
Archive and redistribute results with the STN Information Keep & Share Program  
Audio/Video: BLAST Search and Post-Processing in USGENE (SequenceBase)  
Audio/Video: Natural Products: β-Lactam-antibiotics (New STN in 5 minutes) 
Basic STN commands  
CA section thesaurus  
CAplus Core Journal Coverage List (CAS) 
CAS coverage of CA Basic Patents by Year (CAS) 
CAS coverage of patents (CAS) 
CAS coverage of sequences (policy changes in 2005, 2007 and 2014) (CAS) 
CAS Databases (CAS) 
CAS Patent Kind Codes for CA Basic and Patent Family Members (CAS) 
CAS REGISTRY: BLAST® similarity searching via STN Express®  
CAS REGISTRY: Exact and pattern searching of nucleic acid sequences  
CAS REGISTRY: Exact and pattern searching of protein sequences 
CAS REGISTRY: Finding CAS Registry Numbers  
CAS REGISTRY: Motif Sequence Searching  
CAS REGISTRY: Stereoisomer searching  
CAS roles in CA/CAplus  
CAS Section Descriptions (CAS) 
CAS Standard Abbreviations and Acronyms (CAS) 
CASLINK for one-step structure searching in CAS REGISTRY, MARPAT, and CAplus  
CASREACT® User Guide (09/2016) 
Citation searching in SciSearch  
Cited patent searching  
Command Summary Chart 
Commands and Quick Reference Resources (CAS) 
CPC Combination Data Set Data (2014/10) 
CPC Combination Sets in DWPI 
CPC Search and Display Fields (07/2014) 
Current Awareness Alerts (SDIs) User Guide  
Databases by Clusters (PDF)  
Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM) on STN Workshop (03/2016) 
DPCI Reference Manual  
DUPLICATE for identifying or removing duplicate records  
DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) Reference Manual  
DWPI Classification Manual  
DWPI country coverage and kind codes (Clarivate Analytics) 
DWPI CPI Manual Codes Reference Manual (Edition 23)  
DWPI Manual Code Look-up Tool (Clarivate Analytics) 
DWPI on STN Workshop Manual  
DWPI Plasdoc Coding Systems  
DWPI Polymer Indexing Dictionary (Parts 1 & 2) 
DWPI Polymer Indexing Hierarchy  
DWPI Polymer Indexing Reference Manual  
DWPI Polymer Indexing System Description  
DWPI Polymer Indexing Thesaurus  
DWPI Polymer Indexing User Guides (Combined PDF) 
DWPI Polymer Indexing Workshop (10/2014) 
DWPI Polymer Indexing Workshop (Refresher) (05/2016) 
DWPI Reference Manual  
DWPI Registry Compounds  
DWPI User Guides: Chemical Indexing 
DWPI User Guides: Engineering Indexing 
DWPI User Guides: Polymer Indexing 
DWPI: Global Patent Sources  
DWPI: Summary Table of Original Publication Data Coverage at the Member Level  
DWPIM (Derwent Markush Resource) on STN (ICIC) 
DWPIM (Derwent Markush Resource) on STNext 
e-Seminar - Advanced Techniques for Statistical Analyses in INPADOC on STN ( 05/2013) 
e-Seminar - Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM) on STN (03/2016) 
e-Seminar - Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM) on STN (03/2016) 
e-Seminar - Derwent Patents Citation Index (DPCI) on STN (09/2013)  
e-Seminar - DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) on new STN (09/2015) 
e-Seminar - DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) on new STN (09/2015) 
e-Seminar - DWPIM vs. MMS (02/2016) 
e-Seminar - Exploring GENESEQ (DGENE) on STN (12/2015) 
e-Seminar - Exploring PCTGEN and USGENE on STN (11/2013) 
e-Seminar - Getting the most out of the DWPI record on new STN (10/2015) 
e-Seminar - Numeric property search (NPS) in non-patent literature (NPL) on STN (08/2014) 
e-Seminar - Numeric property searching in DWPI on STN (02/2013) 
e-Seminar - Polymer Searching in CAS REGISTRY (10/2013) 
e-Seminar - PQSciTech a vast source of Sci-Tech information (02/2013) 
e-Seminar - Search Strategies at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology: Immunoconjugates (01/2015) 
e-Seminar - Searching DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) on STN (02/2014) 
e-Seminar - Searching DWPI polymer indexing on new STN (11/2015) 
e-Seminar - Searching for siRNA and miRNA in STN patent databases (09/2012) 
e-Seminar - Searching for uncommon sequences on STN (11/2013) 
e-Seminar - Sequence Motif Searches in CAS REGISTRY (07/2013) 
e-Seminar - Structure searching in DWPI using STN Express (09/2014)  
e-Seminar - Structure searching on new STN (12/2015) 
e-Seminar - Unified Markush search on new STN (02/2016) 
e-Seminar - Unified Markush Search on new STN (02/2016) 
e-Seminar – The Cooperative Patent Classification on STN (02/2013) 
Engineering databases on STN (09/2011) 
European Patent Classification EPC (PDF/ZIP) 
European Patent Classification ICO (PDF/ZIP) 
From Concept to content: The Genesis of USGENE (ONLINE Magazine Reprint) 
FSEARCH for finding patent families  
FSORT for grouping patent records into families  
GENESEQ (DGENE) content and annotated sample record  
GENESEQ on STN (DGENE) Workshop Manual (09/2018) 
Getting Started in CASREACT®  
Guide to Commands 
Guide to STN Patent Databases - basic version 
Guide to STN Patent Databases - full version 
INDEX for evaluating databases and searches  
INPADOC News 2010/02: Further Enhancements for INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB 
INPADOC News 2010/07: Enhanced Coverage of Citation Information in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB 
INPADOC News 2010/10: Enhancements to the US National Patent Classification in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB 
INPADOC News 2011/06: Enhancements to Classification Searching and Coverage in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB 
INPADOC News 2012/02: Enhancements to Classification Searching and Coverage in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB 
INPADOC News 2012/11: Cooperative Patent Classification available in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB 
INPADOC News 2013/01: INPADOC Databases enhanced with Calculated Expiration Dates, Citing Patent Information, and DOI-Links 
INPADOC News Archive (2010-2013) 
INPADOC Non-conventional Patent Families for Chinese Dual Filings (2016/07) 
INPADOCDB patent kind code list (2019/05) 
INPADOCDB priority application kind code list (2016/07) 
INPADOCDB/INPAFAMDB Handbook (2010/02) 
INPADOCDB/INPAFAMDB Handbuch (in German) (2010/02) 
INSPEC: Chemical and Numerical Indexing on STN  
INSPEC: Element term (/ET) search examples (12/2012) 
INSPEC: Quick Reference Guide  
INSPEC: User Documentation (The IET) 
Leitfaden zu STN-Patentdatenbanken - Basisversion (in German) 
Leitfaden zu STN-Patentdatenbanken - Vollversion (in German) 
MARPAT® User Guide  
Mastering STN Commands 
NCBI BLAST® reference information (NCBI) 
Patent search fields  
PCTGEN content and annotated sample record  
Polymer Information on STN (02/2013) 
Publication Kind Codes in STN Databases A4 Format (06/2019) 
Publication Kind Codes in STN Databases US letter format (06/2019) 
Quer der Dinge - ERFAPAT 2009 (in German) 
ReaxysFile on STN Introduction and Property Glossary  
ReaxysFile on STN: Addition of More Content  
ReaxysFile on STN: Displaying REACH Relevant Data 
ReaxysFile on STN: Property Information from Patents  
ReaxysFile on STN: Reactions  
ReaxysFile on STN: Searching Inorganic Substances and Related Properties  
Search for Sequences on STN – Going Beyond a Sequence Search (PIUG Biotech, 02/2014) 
Searching the unsurpassed Markush content collection on new STN (IPI ConfEx, 02/2016) 
Section P Fragmentation Code Revision  
Section P Fragmentation Codes – Complete List (2015) 
Section P Fragmentation Codes – New & Amended  
Sequence searching on STN one day workshop (UK)(11/2014) 
STN Basics Interactive E-Learning Tutorials (CAS) 
STN Basics Workshop Manual 
STN Database Summary Sheets 
STN Index User Guide  
STN Patent Databases  
STN Patent Forum archives (US) 
STN sequence searchable databases (03/2013) 
STN Units System (CAS) 
The Cooperative Patent Classification in Derwent World Patents Index on STN  
Thesauri on STN  
TRANSFER for crossfile searching  
USGENE content and annotated sample record  
USGENE patent kind code list (SequenceBase) 
USGENE publications, documents and downloads archive (SequenceBase) 
USGENE Workshop Manual (09/2018)