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New STN - Version One

What’s New

April 2017

Latest Release of New STN Enhances Search History and Expands Database Coverage

October 2016

Latest Release of New STN Extends Export to Excel Support to 28 More Databases

Press Releases

November 2015

FIZ Karlsruhe and Thomson Reuters Advance Chemical Structure Patent Search

August 2015

New STN® Breaks Ground with Markush Structure Search and Enhanced Content for Intellectual Property Exploration and Research


Im chemischen Strukturraum
T. Stengel, A. Barth, H. Kraut, P. Löw in Nachrichten aus der Chemie, Juni 2016

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New STN – Remaking a Classic While Keeping the Classic
Online Searcher Magazine,
March/April 2016

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First Look - New STN - Big Data Creates Chemistry Without Limits
Anthony Trippe’s blog entry, Patinformatics, LLC, August 17, 2013

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STN Version One: New Searching Platform Under Development
Information Today, Inc., January 24, 2013

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What’s New

Latest Release of New STN Enhances Search History and Expands Database Coverage

10. April 2017

A new, more concise format and the ability to select individual queries lets you customize the content of exported search histories to improve recordkeeping and review efficiency with more focused records of search activity.Two additional databases are now available in new STN. CBNB provides global...

Latest Release of New STN Extends Export to Excel Support to 28 More Databases

12. October 2016

Closely following the introduction of Export to Excel support for CAplusSM and DWPISM in July, the latest release extends Excel support to an additional 28 databases, further facilitating workflow integration and analysis of new STN search results. Other Excel-related updates include locked column...

Latest New STN Release Now Available

17. June 2016

Export to Excel streamlines integration of CAplus and DWPI answers into the IP workflow and helps searchers uncover key information in search results.Other highlights of the latest release include: Dramatic advances in Markush assembly speed review and understanding of MARPAT search resultsDerwent...

Latest Release of New STN Enhances Search Functionality, Workflow and Efficiency

16. December 2015

CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe continue to enhance new STN with content and capabilities that enable searchers to increasingly turn to the new platform for their IP search needs. The December 2015 release of new STN includes: Additional chemical structure drawing features:The ability to draw and search...

Derwent Markush Resource now available on the new STN platform!

19. November 2015

Access to the Derwent Markush Resource (file name DWPIM) is available exclusively on the new STN platform. It is implemented as a structure-based database encompassing around 1.9 million Markush structures from around 767.000 Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) documents. 33 patent issuing...

Latest New STN Release Features Eight New Databases Including MARPAT from CAS for Markush Structure Searching

05. August 2015

The summer 2015 new STN release extends for the first time the platform’s chemical search capabilities to Markush structures. MARPAT, produced by CAS, enables access to the rapidly growing number of generic structures disclosed in patents, and is tightly integrated with CAplus for related patent...

New Version of Emtree Introduces Over 1,000 New Terms to Embase on Classic STN and New STN

18. May 2015

The May 2015 version of Emtree adds over 1,000 new preferred terms for Embase searching on classic STN platforms, as well as on new STN. The new terms include: 172 drug terms (terms assigned to the Chemicals and Drugs facet)901 non-drug terms In addition, 225 existing Emtree terms – 48 drug...

Major New STN® Release Delivers Essential Biomedical and Patent Content

11. February 2015

The release of new STN on February 8 launched  with the largest expansion of content to date. Eight additional databases deliver significant and highly anticipated content, extending the benefits of the new STN platform to additional search types and a more diverse group of users. Highlights...

KRFULL: New Full-text Database for Korean Patent Publications on new STN

21. July 2014

The new database KRFULL (Korean Patents Full-Text Database) marks the first new database on STN that is implemented on the new STN platform only. KRFULL covers the full-text of patent applications, patent specifications, and utility models published in the Republic of Korea and completes the set of...

The latest update to the new STN platform is now available at!

01. July 2014

The new release expands global patent coverage with three new full-text databases: AUPATFULL (Australia), GBFULL (United Kingdom) and, offered for the first time on any STN platform, KRFULL (Republic of Korea).Additional highlights include: 20 new search fieldsEnhanced precision and coverage for...