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March 2014

The latest release of the new STN platform, provides enhanced features and content that enable searchers to work more proficiently

February 2014

Access INFULL and DEFULL databases with STN Viewer

January 2014

DWPI: Latest Manual Code Revision goes live

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PATINFO 2014- 36. Kolloquium der Technischen Universität Ilmenau über Patentinformation, Ilmenau, 04.-06. Jun

ICIC 2014, Heidelberg, 12.-14. Oct

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Frankfurt, 06.05.2014
München, 13.05.2014
Essen, 22.05.2014


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A class on classification (PIUG NE 2009)(10/2009) 
Adding Value to INPADOC on STN, Quality Assurance by FIZ Karlsruhe Patent Editorial (04/2012) 
Audio/Video: Chemical Structure Search in DWPI (Live search, 08/2010) 
Audio/Video: Search for key patents in DPCI (Live search, 04/2011)  
CAS coverage of CA Basic Patents by Year (CAS) 
CAS coverage of patents (CAS) 
CAS Patent Kind Codes for CA Basic and Patent Family Members (CAS) 
DPCI Reference Manual (01/2011) 
DWPI Chemical Fragmentation Code Sheet (01/2012) 
DWPI Chemical Fragmentation Codes (User Guide, 11/2000) 
DWPI Chemical Fragmentation Codes (Workshop, 11/2009) 
DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) Reference Manual (06/2007) 
DWPI Classification Manual (2012) 
DWPI country coverage and kind codes (Thomson Reuters) 
DWPI Enhanced Polymer Indexing (User Guides, 01/2007) 
DWPI Enhanced Polymer Indexing (Workshop, 12/2013) 
DWPI Manual Code Look-up Tool (Thomson Reuters) 
DWPI numeric property search (04/2012) 
DWPI on STN Workshop Manual (07/2012) 
DWPI Reference Manual (07/2012) 
DWPI User Guides: Chemical Indexing (Thomson Reuters) 
DWPI User Guides: Engineering Indexing (Thomson Reuters) 
DWPI User Guides: Polymer Indexing (Thomson Reuters) 
DWPI: Global Patent Sources (01/2007) 
DWPI: Summary Table of Original Publication Data Coverage at the Member Level (09/2011) 
e-Seminar - Advanced Techniques for Statistical Analyses in INPADOC on STN ( 05/2013) 
e-Seminar - Derwent Patents Citation Index (DPCI) on STN (09/2013)  
e-Seminar - Improved patent searching using DWPI Manual Codes on STN (03/2013) 
e-Seminar - INPAFAMDB - Easy recipes for relevant results (06/2012) 
e-Seminar - Introduction to Derwent World Patents Index on STN (01/2014) 
e-Seminar - Numeric property searching in DWPI on STN (02/2013) 
e-Seminar - Searching DWPI polymer indexing on STN (10/2013) 
e-Seminar - Searching in DWPI Chemistry Resource (DCR) (02/2014) 
e-Seminar - Searching Japanese patent information on STN (11/2010)  
e-Seminar - Searching patent office classifications on STN (11/2012) 
e-Seminar - Setting up Alerts in the Derwent databases on STN (09/2012) 
e-Seminar - Sources and techniques for basic citation searching on STN (03/2011) 
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