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New on STN

November 2015

Change to PI field in CAplus records

November 2015

Derwent Markush Resource now available on the new STN platform!

September 2015

New Version of Emtree Introduces over 800 New Terms to Embase on Classic STN and New STN

STN User Meetings

Erfurt, 01.12.2015
Essen, 26.04.2016
Frankfurt, 11.05.2016


STN Express with Discover!

Increase your productivity - Simplify your online searching!

STN Express with Discover! is a fully integrated software package designed to easily and efficiently search scientific and technical databases online through STN® as well as other online hosts. It supports all steps of your information research: search preparation (text, chem. structure, biosequences), online search and analysis, and postprocessing of results. Additionally, it offers seamless access to electronic and print full-text resources.

Current version:

  • Windows
    The new release provides enhanced precision of structure searches involving G-groups, and increases structure search  efficiency.

New in version 8.5.2:

  • Compatibility with Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Improved structure drawing and displays
  • Updated Create and Edit SDI Wizards now support RSS delivery of alert results
  • Revised Property and Spectra Wizards to reflect current STN database offering
  • Enhanced CAS REGISTRYSM BLAST®  performance
  • Fixes for a variety of reported software issues
  • The new “Transcript name" field in the Table Tool allows identification of  the source transcript for each record in a multiple transcript Table

New in version 8.5.1:

  • Updated table and report post-processing functionality to allow parsing of the new assembled FQHIT, QHIT, FQHITEXG and QHITEXG display formats in MARPAT.
  • New Patent Family Manager option to streamline twin multiple basic patent content from CASM/CAplusSM answer sets.
  • Save Answers for SciFinder wizard transfers answers from STN to the web version of SciFinder to improve workflow between information professionals and scientists.
  • Hyperlinks from MEDLINE cited references to associated MEDLINE records.
  • Default RSA encryption of sessions for enhanced security.

New in version 8.4:

    • More efficient searching and post-processing
      • New Preview option for tables and reports – quickly see the impact of your selections as you go.
      • New Patent Family Manager – reduce multi-step processes to a single click.  Now you can quickly extract the first member from each patent family or customize the display of patent family search results by choosing one format for the first member and another for subsequent family members.
      • Speedy download of images – obtain significantly faster downloading of all image types.
      • Truncation options for custom highlighting – use standard STN® truncation conventions instead of entering all related terms.  
    • Improved communication of search results
      • New Summary option for reports – create a customized multi-field overview linked to relevant records in your report to promote easier scanning of content.
      • Comments – easily add notes and insights to reports of retrieved STN information to share critical knowledge with your team.
      • PDF output – produce an output format that integrates with your workflow.
      • Query Summary – keep a record of your search history (including structure queries) in PDF or RTF format. 
    • Added power for advanced search capabilities
      • Multiple optional points of attachment for G-group fragments – draw complex structure queries more efficiently.
      • Customized search term command files – create scripts for search terms in any field from one simple interface.
      • Context-specific help for drawing tool – save time by linking quickly to the new context-specific help whenever you have questions.

Main features:

  • STN command-line interface - convenient access to STN for information professionals: all STN databases and full STN command functionality
  • Online Command Window - enter or upload commands in a separate window and issue them to the host as desired
  • Command file upload - create and automate searches offline
  • Easy structure-drawing and -searching on STN - save time and online cost by creating offline structure, reaction and functional group queries with structure drawing tool and upload queries to STN
  • Fragmentation code generation from query structures for searching World Patent Index
  • High quality online display, capture, and export of text and graphics
  • Easy retrieval of data for hyperlinked CAS Registry Numbers, patent numbers, citations, Registry Locator Field, Other Sources Field, and more
  • "Wizard" interface for logon setup, selecting databases, conducting searches, displaying or analyzing results, creating and editing alerts, and much more - without having to know the STN command language!
  • Post-processing options for creating customized or predefined reports and tables from transcripts - even from STN on the Web, EMAIL PRINT and SDI EMAIL transcripts in RTF-format. Post-processed documents have functional links to the Full-Text and URLs, and can be saved in a variety of formats (EXCEL, HTML, ASCII, and RTF)
  • Connections to WWW - view STN documentation and STN database summary sheets, access STN Service Centers and links to the Full-Texts
  • Online Accounting for STN - gather online cost and produce / export reports
  • Sophisticated preferences - customize your way to use STN Express (online, structure drawing, postprocessing, function keys, links etc.)

The Analysis Edition of STN Express with Discover!
The Analysis Edition lets you search, analyze, visualize, and discover the world of sci-tech information through:

Enhanced results analysis

  • Create a table for substance analysis that identifies the common substructure for an answer set of structurally related substances, including multi-component substances from REGISTRY with variable R-group locations identified using the Variable Group Analysis Table Tool
  • Group related author/inventor names and company names for better analysis and visualization results using the Data Group Tool within the Analyze Plus Wizard
  • Analyze and tabulate data from single- or multi-file search results, and create a data table and 3-D chart using the Analyze Wizard
  • Save an answer set from databases such as CAplusSM, PCTFULL, and USPATFULL with the Save for STN AnaVist Wizard, and then import and open it in STN® AnaVist™, our new interactive analysis and visualization software

Increased security

Easier access to content

  • Create an interactive spreadsheet from all or only hit CAS Registry Numbers and their corresponding CAS Roles through the CAS Registry Number® and Role Report Wizard
  • Upload lengthy genetic sequences automatically for searching in DGENE and PCTGEN via the Upload Query Wizard

Improved post-processing