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New on STN

May 2017

INPADOC/INPAFAM: New Chinese Legal Status Codes

May 2017

DWPI: Latest Manual Code Revision went live in January 2017

April 2017

Latest Release of New STN Enhances Search History and Expands Database Coverage

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Copenhagen, 01.06.2017
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Latest New STN Release Extends Export to Excel Support to 28 More Databases and Includes New Structure Search Enhancements

11. November 2016

Closely following the introduction of Export to Excel support for CAplus and DWPI in July, the latest release of new STN extends Excel support to an additional 28 databases, further facilitating workflow integration and analysis of new STN search results.

Other Excel-related updates include locked column headings and better image handling when manipulating columns in Excel.

The latest release enhances structure drawing and query precision with the addition of deuterium and tritium atoms to the structure editor Common Atoms palette. Deuterium and tritium can now be added to your structure searches in CAS REGISTRY, DCR and DWPIM.

Superatom support for DCR is now also available, making it easier for you to include variables such as heterocycles and carbocycles in your DCR structure queries.

New IPC and CPC filters at the Main Group and Subclass levels have been added for DWPI, GBFULL and KRFULL. This new feature provides more flexibility for selecting and analyzing search results. Display enhancements have also been implemented which help speed review of answers. CAS REGISTRY substance images now include mineral components. Also, related Markush structures are displayed in DWPI search results for chemical fragmentation code searches.

For more details about the release, please view a recorded What’s New Presentation ( Additional informational resources, including Quick Start Tutorials, are available on the STN training webpage ( and within new STN. Please contact your regional STN Service Center or STN representative if you have any questions or comments.