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February 2019

New Display Format IFAM2 in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB with Focus on Legal Status

February 2019

Key Terms support efficient full-text searching and results evaluation in Patent Full-text Databases

February 2019

Reload of patent full-text databases FRFULL and GBFULL with major enhancements

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Derwent Markush Resource (DWPIM) now available on STNext™ integrated in the classic STN workflow

01. October 2018

DWPIM has been implemented on STNext as a structure-based database encompassing more than 2.1 million Markush structures from 890,000 Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) documents.

It includes many features to ensure efficient searching and evaluation of results:

  • Markush structure searching including sample and batch mode
  • Easy crossover to Derwent World Patents Index® (files WPINDEX, WPIDS, WPIX)
  • Provision of various structure display options in DWPIM, as well as WPINDEX, WPIDS, WPIX, including hit structure highlighting
  • Report function for Markush hit structures (ahitstr etc.) in WPINDEX, WPIDS, WPIX in standard and enhanced version incl. hit structure highlighting
  • Extended Patent family identification (FSEARCH/FSORT) and use of the Patent Family Manager including duplicate identification of corresponding Derwent bibliographies
  • SDIs (automatic alerts)
  • Sophisticated retrieval concept encompassing 22 different generic nodes (including Derwent superatoms)
  • Possibility to combine structure and text terms (e.g. roles) in WPINDEX, WPIDS, WPIX

For DWPIM, Clarivate Analytics indexes the patent publications from 33 patent authorities. Indexing started for the major patent offices in 1978 with Pharma documents, followed in 1982 by Agro and General Chemistry. In addition, the back file data indexed by INPI for French patents has been included (1961-1976). DWPIM contains structures from the substance classes of organic and organometallic compounds, inorganic compounds as well as polymers, peptides and partially defined structures. The file is updated 82 times a year.

For accessing file DWPIM, the Derwent Markush Resource, an additional agreement needs to be in place.

If you are interested in increasing the scope of your structure searches and want to learn more about the Derwent Markush Resource on STNext, please contact your STN account representative or your STN helpdesk, or attend one of our e-seminars on October 25, 2018.