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February 2018

Chinese dual filings are now linked within DWPI families

February 2018

First Emtree Thesaurus for 2018 Now Available in Embase

January 2018

The 2018 version of MEDLINE now available on STN

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News Messages 2009

New Indicator Identifies Multiple Basic Patent Records Containing Equivalent Chemical Indexing in CA/CAplus 22. December 2009

Effective December 20, you can identify the multiple basic records in the CA and CAplus databases that have equivalent chemical indexing.

DGENE, USGENE, and PCTGEN: new percent identity feature for sorting BLAST answer sets 30. November 2009

A new sequence sorting feature for BLAST answer sets from DGENE, USGENE and PCTGEN is available since November 30, 2009. This new sorting option is a great support for reviewing large sequence answer sets and makes the identification of relevant sequences much more efficient and reliable. The...

Annual Reload of IFI Databases 23. November 2009

The IFI Patent Database (IFIPAT), IFI Comprehensive Database(IFICDB), and IFI Uniterm Database (IFIUDB) have been reloaded on STN.

Addition of SCAN format to selected STN databases 23. November 2009

To facilitate easier review of search results in a multifile search environment, the DISPLAY SCAN format has been added to the following databases:

PCTGEN: enhanced with patent family and legal status display data from INPADOCDB 20. November 2009

The predefined patent family display formats FAM and CFAM and also the legal status display formats LS and LS2 of INPADOCDB have been added to the PCTGEN database.

USGENE: Enhanced coverage of bibliographic and sequence information 17. November 2009

Bibliographic and sequence specific data have been added to the USPTO Genetic Sequence Database (USGENE). As of publication date June 2007, USGENE sequence records include:

Derwent WPI: Japanese FI-TERM thesaurus added 17. November 2009

Japanese Patent Classifications FI-TERMs (/FCL) have been added to the DWPI database (files WPINDEX/WPIDS/WPIX) recently. Now a thesaurus is available for easier navigation through the maze of codes. For available relationships see HELp RCO.

ENERGY: No longer available to customers from United Kingdom as of January 1, 2010 13. November 2009

United Kingdom has retreated from the Energy Technology Data Exchange (ETDE) and as of January 1, 2010, customers from United Kingdom are no longer authorised to file ENERGY.

FRFULL: Backfile data and English machine translations will be added - French Patents will go back to 1902 29. October 2009

The coverage of the FRFULL (French Patents full text) file on STN will be significantly extended through the implementation of backfile information produced by LexisNexis Univentio going back to 1902. So far FRFULL covered the complete collection of FR patent applications back until 1980 in...

Free display of legal status information in CA/CAplus, USPATFULL, and USPAT2 in the month of November 29. October 2009

In the month of November, up to 100 displays of legal status information formats per login ID will be free in the CA/CAplus family of databases and in USPATFULL and USPAT2.







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