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October 2019

Third 2019 update to Emtree(TM) now available on STN(R)

October 2019

New CAS FORMULATIONS TM Database Launched on STNext

April 2019

New legal status codes for US patent applications and granted patents in INPADOC

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News Messages 2011

Rolled-up IPC Core Codes removed from Patent Databases on STN 14. December 2011

Rolled-up IPC core codes have now been removed from patent databases on STN to deliver more consistent and streamlined IPC content, according to the simplification of the IPC being in force since January 2011.

Removal of ITRD, AEROSPACE, AGRICOLA and IMSPATENTS from STN Easy 08. December 2011

Effective December 17, 2011 ITRD, AEROSPACE, AGRICOLA and IMSPATENTS no longer be available in STNEasy.

Removal of ITRD and PATIPC databases from STN® 08. December 2011

ITRD and PATIPC databases will be removed from STN on December 17, 2011. ITRD is being removed from STN by request of the database producer. PATIPC is no longer needed as all of this current IPC information can be obtained from the IPC thesauri on STN.

STN on the Web Enhancements Include Compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7 06. December 2011

STN on the Web has been enhanced with an updated BLAST plugin installer and is now fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7. Please refer to the updated Operating System and Browser Support chart on the STN on the Web login page ( for enhanced compatibilities.

CAS Expands Global Patent Coverage - Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia Becomes 62nd Authority on CA/CAplus 01. December 2011

In mid-November, CAS enhanced its extensive patent authority coverage in CA/CAplus by adding the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia. Malaysia (country code MY) is the 62nd authority covered by CAS.

CA/CAplus Now Includes Examiner Citations for Japanese Patents 01. December 2011

CAS is pleased to expand our coverage in the CA/CAplus databases to include Japanese patent examiner citations. Intellectually translated examiner citations include links to other CAplus records for quick access to the exact information you need such as inventor names and patent assignees.

New STN Revolutionizes Patent Searching for Professionals 25. October 2011

Redesigned STN retains what customers value most while phasing in advanced search and analysis capabilities beginning in 2012.

Access AUPATFULL and CANPATFULL databases with STN Viewer 26. September 2011

You can now access full-text Australian and Canadian patent information on STN Viewer. Addition of AUPATFULL and CANPATFUL databases to STN Viewer adds value to the only patent evaluation tool that combines high-quality full-text patent databases on STN with precise search capabilities and...

ECLA Thesaurus in CA/CAplus Improves Patent Searching on STN 26. September 2011

Thesauri for ECLA (European Patent Classifications) and ICO (in computer-only) codes now provide STN users a higher degree of specificity when searching patents in the CA/CAplus family of databases on STN. Monthly updates to both thesauri allow STN users to access information about emerging areas...

IFI Updates Resume on STN 26. September 2011

Updates to the IFIPAT/IFIUDB/IFICDB databases have resumed.