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October 2019

INPADOC with more current and complete Japanese legal status information

October 2019

Third 2019 update to Emtree(TM) now available on STN(R)

October 2019

New CAS FORMULATIONS TM Database Launched on STNext

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News Messages 2019

INPADOC with more current and complete Japanese legal status information 23. October 2019

Since update week 2019/41, the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) has accelerated provision of legal status events by two weeks. New legal event data is now available within two weeks after publication (Gazette date in field /LSD). Additionally, the completeness for all JP legal event codes increased...

Third 2019 update to Emtree(TM) now available on STN(R) 09. October 2019

The third 2019 update to Emtree, the Embase thesaurus, is now available on STNext and other STN platforms.For this release, 1,049 new preferred terms were added. This includes 872 non-drug terms, 29 medical device terms and 177 drug terms. Emtree now includes almost 84,000 preferred terms and...

New CAS FORMULATIONS TM Database Launched on STNext 08. October 2019

The newest database from CAS is now available exclusively on STNext. The CAS FORMULATIONS database (file label CASFORM) focuses on the chemistry content of formulations. It also provides information on the products using these formulations, experimental activity of formulations and the processes...

New legal status codes for US patent applications and granted patents in INPADOC 23. April 2019

10 new generic legal status event codes for US patent applications and granted patents are now available in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB. The data covers status information for about 80 different status event values created or updated since 1980. Based on information available on the Patent Examination...

Updates in database World Surface Coatings Abstracts (file WSCA) have resumed 10. April 2019

The database WSCA (World Surface Coatings Abstracts) is up-to-date again including new data of Coatings Online produced by PRA World Ltd. Before, the database had been static on STN since 2013. For the years 2013 to 2018 more than 200,000 records have been added. The database is specialized on...

Derwent World Patents Index and DWPIM - more frequent updates from April 2019 28. March 2019

DWPI and the Derwent Markush Resource, DWPIM, will move to twice-weekly updating from update 2019/23, available around 2nd April 2019. This means that in 2019, DWPI (files WPIX, WPIDS, WPINDEX) and DWPIM will increase from the previous 83 updates per year up to 99 updates, and from 2020 onwards...

DWPI Coverage Enhancements – Adding CIS Countries 20. March 2019

From update 2019/17 onwards, the country coverage of Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) will be further enhanced by the inclusion of records from 8 former Soviet republics that now form the CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States), plus Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO). The patent authorities...

Search Limits Significantly Expanded Exclusively in STNext 07. March 2019

Effective immediately, search limits have been significantly and exclusively expanded in STNext®. You can now have up to 100 million answers per file per session in all databases on STNext.In addition, the structure searchable databases CAS RegistrySM, MARPAT® and CASREACT® now allow up to 100...

CPC Combination Sets are now completely available in Derwent World Patents Index 01. March 2019

CPC combination sets are groups of CPC symbols linking multiple features of an invention. Patent examiners assign these combination sets in special technical fields to classify different aspects of the main inventive feature. Since July 2017, CPC combination sets have been made available for DWPI...

New Display Format IFAM2 in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB with Focus on Legal Status 18. February 2019

A new display format IFAM2 is available in INPADOC and INPAFAM allowing faster review of results when focusing on the legal status. Compared to the IFAM predefined format, IFAM2 is more condensed with  bibliography and legal status only, i.e. without classifications, abstract and citations. In...