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February 2020

New legal event data from Croatia, Italy, and Poland in INPADOCDB and INPAFAMDB

January 2020

Changes to Derwent WPI Update numbering and the total number of annual DWPI updates

December 2019

Derwent World Patents Index: Manual Code revision 2020

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Munich, 20.05.2020

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FIZ Karlsruhe
Rüdiger Mack
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Phone: +49 7247 808 513
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Press Releases

STN Website – the heart of customer communication 02. December 2008

FIZ Karlsruhe will launch new website of STN International on December 2, 2008 / topical news and extensive documents available for free / target group oriented presentationKarlsruhe/London, November 2008 – FIZ Karlsruhe has re-designed and re-structured the website of its online service STN...

The quality of information is a key factor in procuring knowledge 27. November 2008

“Information business has to address the issue of information quality.”With growing amounts of data, precision and recall of search results become key factors in procuring knowledge / quality assurance required over the entire process of generating information / FIZ Karlsruhe addresses the issue of...

STN International provides patent information from China, Japan, and Korea 27. November 2008

Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPI) on STN International now also covers Asian patent data / first published in DWPI First View (WPIFV), then deeply indexed documents available in DWPI (WPIX, WPIDS, WPINDEX)/ to be presented at the Online Information in London, Olympia (Dec 2 – 4, 2008) at STN...

INPAFAMDB – global patent information for the full spectrum of technologies 06. June 2008

FIZ Karlsruhe has released a new patent family file on STN International / 36 million patent families with 65 million publications

The USPTO Genetic Sequence Database, USGENE®, on STN® provides patent sequence data within 3 days of publication by the USPTO 11. February 2008

SequenceBase Corporation and FIZ Karlsruhe announce significant improvement to the timeliness of USGENE to within only 3 days of publication by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) – up to 10 days faster than any other comparable resource.

STN® AnaVist™, Version 2.0, Offers Access to both CAPplus and DWPI Patent Data with Enhanced Analysis Capabilities 12. September 2007

New version provides powerful customization for interactive analysis and visualization of patent trends

The USPTO Genetic Sequence Database, USGENE®, is now available on STN® International 29. July 2007

SequenceBase Corporation and FIZ Karlsruhe announce the launch of the USGENE database / All peptide and nucleic acid sequences from the published applications and issued patents of the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), from 1982 to date, are now available via the leading online...

New STN® Viewer™ Enhances Patent Professionals’ Efficiency by Streamlining Information Management and Patent Evaluation 10. May 2007

COSTA MESA, CA – CAS and FIZ Karlsruhe have announced the release of STN Viewer, a new Web-based workflow productivity tool that dramatically increases patent professionals’ efficiency. Seamlessly integrated with STN®, the premier online information service for science and technology, STN Viewer...

Innovation from 63 million patent documents 30. April 2007

World’s largest patent database now offers even more information and enhanced functionality / thorough editing ensures high data quality / FIZ Karlsruhe reinforces its position as an important provider of patent information

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