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November 2015

Derwent Markush Resource now available on the new STN platform!

September 2015

New Version of Emtree Introduces over 800 New Terms to Embase on Classic STN and New STN

August 2015

DWPI: Manual Code Revision 2016 – Submit your Suggestions

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Erfurt, 01.12.2015
Essen, 26.04.2016
Frankfurt, 11.05.2016


Search for Sequences on STN – Going Beyond a Sequence Search (PIUG Biotech, 02/2014)

 Search_for_Sequences_on_STN__Going_Beyond_Final.pdf [2.5 MB]

There have been many STN workshops over the years that have explained in great detail the BLAST and Sequence Code Match search algorithms used in sequence searching on STN. This workshop focuses additional techniques for searching sequences.

Learn about:

  • The Comment field and Derwent classification codes in DCR
  • Structure searches for small sequences in DCR and CAS REGISTRYSM
  • Peptide searches in MARPAT®
  • STN Express R-group Analysis Tool for analyzing substituents from a structure search for peptides

This workshop is geared to all levels of sequence searchers, from beginner to experienced searchers.Breakfast will be provided for all attendees of this workshop.


Date: 18.02.2015
Duration: 1/2 day, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Presenters: Jim Brown (FIZ Karlsruhe Inc.), Alice Humel Denton (CAS, Columbus)


Location: Genentech 611 Gateway Blvd South San Francisco CA, 94080