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CAS STNext® is the premier single source for searching the world's disclosed scientific and technical research. Providing integrated access to the most current and complete collection of global disclosed patent and non-patent, scientific and technical content, CAS STNext® supports comprehensive retrieval to inform critical business decisions. CAS STNext® puts instant access to over more than 100 diverse data collections at your fingertips, including leading chemistry content from CAS and patent content from Clarivate's Derwent World Patents Index.


For the 2023 revision, 54 new Manual Codes have been added, with 26 new CPI (Chemical Patents Index) codes and 28 new codes in the GMPI/EPI (ie General and Mechanical Patents Index and Electrical Engineering Patents Index) areas.
Imagine your CAS STNext search has retrieved a patent application of particular interest to you, but that patent includes many claims. The new Interactive Claim Viewer answers these questions for you!
The Derwent Drug File (DRUGU for subscribers/DDFU for non-subscribers) is a bibliographic database that provides access to the worldwide pharmaceutical literature on the whole life cycle of a drug - from drug design to post-marketing surveillance. If you
Interested in the patents of Taiwan, one of the world’s leading innovators? Building on the coverage of Taiwan already included in various databases within CAS STNext, a new value-added full text patent database, TWFULL, is now available. In addition, CAp