European Patents Fulltext database
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European Patent Office/ FIZ Karlsruhe
European Patents Full text data- base covers the full text of European patent applications and granted European patents as well as bibliographic records for PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applications transferred to the EPO from 1978 onwards. Data- base records comprise all docu-ments published for one European application number. Records con-tain bibliographic data, titles in English, French and German, the original abstract plus the English translation of German and French abstracts and legal status infor-mation. For applications the full text of detailed description and claims is given in one of the EPO‘s official languages English, German or French; for examined granted patents the description is given in the original language, claims are available in all three languages. For each document the comple-te legal status history is main-tained. All legal status events are fully searchable, including former names, addresses, and titles if they were reassigned. Numeric property search (NPS) is available.
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