Regulated Chemicals Listing with hour-based pricing
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Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
The Regulated Chemicals Listing file contains information about chemi-cal substances listed on more than 100 national and regional inventories. CHEMLIST offers the convenience of identifying – in one place – the regu-latory requrements for a specific sub-stance from many of the world‘s most significant regulated substances lists. Covered are substances on the Uni-ted States EPA TSCA (Environmental Protection Agency Toxic Substances Control Act) Inventory or those subject to regulations under the Toxic Sub-stances Control Act or similar US le-gislation incl. US state lists; lists from Canada (e.g., the Canadian Domestic Substances List (DSL) and Non-Domes- tic Substances List (NDSL)); Mexico, the European Union (e.g., EINECS and REACH), Switzerland, Israel, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Phil- ipinnes, Australia and New Zealand. Records contain substance identity information, inventory status, source of information, and summaries of re-gulatory activity, reports, and other compliance information.You have the option to search the CAS files CA, CAPLUS, CHEMLIST, and CIN with no search term charges and higher connect hour fees.To use the connect hour option, enter the alternate file name: HCA, HCAPLUS, HCHEMLIST or HCIN.
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