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Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
CA contains records for the documents covered in the printed Chemical Abstracts for 1907-2009. Effective with the cessation of the printed Chemical Abstracts at the end of 2009, CA continues to include fully indexed records from thousands of journals, patents from 63 patent issuing authorities, technical reports, books, conference proceedings, and dissertations from all areas of chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering, and related sciences worldwide. Electronic-only journals and Web preprints are also covered. In addition, more than 180,000 records for pre-1907 journal and patent references are available. Citing references are included when available. Cited references are included for journals, conference proceedings, and basic patents from the US, EPO, WIPO, and German patent offices added to the CAS databases from 1997 to the present. Also included are patent examiner citations from British and French basic patents (2003 to the present), Canadian patents (2005 to the present), and Japanese patents (2011 to the present). In addition, nearly 300,000 existing patent records from 1982-2008 have been supplemented with information for cited patents. Legal status information is available for U.S. patents since 1980. CA also contains the TIFF images of CA abstracts printed between 1907-1998. You have the option to search the CAS files CA, CAPLUS, and REGISTRY with no connect hour fees and higher search term charges.To use the zero connect hour option, enter the alternate file name: ZCA, ZCAPLUS, or ZREGISTRY.
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