The IFI Reassignment and Reexamination database
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The IFI Current Patent Legal Status database provides information on the current legal status of U.S. patents. The database includes reassigned patents when ownership of the patent has been transferred from 1980 to pre-sent; reexamined patents that have undergone a review due to patent- ability questions from 1981 to the pre-sent; expired patents from September 1985 to the present; patents extended beyond the normal 17-year patent life from 1985 to the present, reinstated patents from 1985 to the present; patents with adverse decision in inter-ference from 1980 to the present; and disclaimer/dedication information from 1980 to the present; and reexa-mination requests from 1980 to the present, requests for reissue from 1985 to present and certificate of correction notices.
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Database Summary Sheet: Concise description with all fields, all formats, many examples.

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