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Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
Chemical Abstracts Plus (CAplusSM) is the most current and compre-hensive bibliographic database of chemical information, CAplus is directly linked to its companion file CAS REGISTRYSM which is the broadest collection of chemical substance information worldwide. CAplus and CAS REGISTRY offer intellectually analyzed content ob- tained from journal and patent literature.CAplus covers patent and journal article references from all areas of chemistry, biomedical sciences, engineering, materials science and agricultural science.Coverage goes back to 1907. The file is updated daily and now con-tains• more than 14.1 million records for patent publications from 63 patent-issuing authorities• more than 35.3 million records for articles from thousands of journals worldwide, technical disclosures, books, conference proceedings, dissertations, reviews, etc.• patent references from 9 major patent authorities, available within 2 days of publication; records are fully indexed within less than 27 days from the date of publication• value-added content including substance-specific indexing (CAS Registry Numbers®) and con- trolled vocabulary for concept information. You have the option to search the CAS files CA, CAPLUS, and REGISTRY with no connect hour fees and higher search term charges.To use the zero connect hour option, enter the alternate file name: ZCA, ZCAPLUS, or ZREGISTRY.
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