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Recorded e-Seminars

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    Search Strategies at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology: Immunoconjugates

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    Searching for Uncommon Sequences on STN

  • Recorded e-Seminars

    Searching for siRNA and miRNA in STN Patent Databases

Quick Reference Cards

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    CAS Registry Motif Sequence Searching


  • Documentation

    GENESEQ on STN - Short Description

  • Documentation

    USGENE Workshop Manual

    The USPTO Genetic Sequence Database, USGENE, is a comprehensive database of annotated protein and nucleic acid sequences extracted from United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) published patent applications and issued (granted) patents.
  • Documentation

    DGENE Workshop Manual

    GENESEQ (file DGENE) is an intellectually annotated database of protein and nucleic sequences indexed from the basic patent publications of the 51 patent authorities of the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) (file WPINDEX).